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One Direction

23 Jul


Happy 4 Years of One Direction! :)

22 Jul

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22 Jul

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18 Jul


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15 Jul

Niall for Event Magazine x

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15 Jul



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23 Jun



(I TRIED TO POST THIS EARLIER BEFORE TUMBLR BROKE AND IT DIDN’T WORK. I’m so sorry this is suddenly such short notice.) 

Holy shit, season 4 is literally right around the corner so it’s time to kick back into gear with these. 

I’m going to try to make them as close to weekly as I possibly can (but I can’t really make any promises thanks to my drastically increased living expenses in the past month), so keep an eye out!

  • Someone is going to get a lacrosse hoodie
  • Any size any character
  • Shipped anywhere
  • One like/one reblog to enter, that means your name is entered twice. How neat. Please don’t spam or take advantage of this because it might break the notes and make my life a lot harder.
  • Sorry no fun tag prompts this time since I don’t have time to maintain a list. :(
  • Winners are chosen via random number generator.
  • Giveaway is over MONDAY, JUNE 23rd AT 11PM PST. 

Here’s to another exciting season!

As always, hoodies are available here

Tonight’s the night guys!

28 May 


20 May


That show that we do in Croke Park in Ireland next year is simply gonna be the best day of my life - ever, ever ever ever. It’s the national stadium, it holds about 80,000; 90,000 people - just that pure pride, just like it’s gonna be so sick. (…) There’s a school in one of the counties in Ireland that the teachers were asking the parents to vote to change the date of the First Holy Communion. They’re looking to change it because we’re playing that weekend in Dublin. That is just nuts, that. #TURNCROKERGREEN

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25 Apr

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